Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Review - FitFlop Women's Electra Sandal

My feet had problems before and I could hardly walk for long periods without experiencing feet pain. Then my cousin recommended Fitflops. When I first saw them I was worried that they might be a bit clunky, but they actually aren't.

The Fitflops provide elevation and support that aren't found in other flipflops and they eliminate stress on my joints. The FitFlop's sturdy platform bottom gives you a bit of height and is nicely balanced so you don't wobble or slide around. I am in heaven and can now walk for several hours without fatigue and pain.

This is actually my 2nd pair of FitFlops. They are so stylish and cute.  The FitFlops are dressy enough to wear in the evening in the summer or while on vacation, and can also be worn with jeans or a nice cotton skirt. Please note that the FitFlop runs big, so even though I wear a 6.5 M in a normal shoe, I wear a 6M in the FitFlop.
Overall, FitFlops are incredibly comfy, stylish, and sturdy. You won't be sorry purchase these sandals. For more information and the great deal, please click any image toow to Newegg. Thank you.

FitFlop Women's 'Electra' Thong Toning Sandal

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