Saturday, May 6, 2017

I'm Ready for the Summer - Sport-Brella X-Large Umbrella

I had an off-brand super sized umbrella and it got destroyed in the wind. This Sport-Brella is made of much better material.  It's light, and way more sturdy.

First of all, it's huge. I realize it gives the dimensions, but in person it seems so much bigger. What makes it truly a five-star product is the SPF 50, that's built right in. My daughter and I have incredibly fair complexions - given the slightest exposure and she freckles and I burn. We put this to the test for 5 hours on a sunny and windy day. We purposely skipped all the sunscreen we normally would wear. Nothing. Neither a blush of red on me nor a darkening of my daughter's freckles. We couldn't believe it.

This Sport-Brella comes with a nice carrying bag. Although it would not fit in the small trunk of my sedan, it does fit in the back seat when standing it up from the ground and leaning across the seat towards the rear window, with room to spare.

A final word of good news: It is quick and easy to install, and packing it up is a cinch! I was a little worried at first about the amount of effort that would be involved, but it was nothing! Even just one person can do it with no assistance and no problems. So after a long day at the beach or ball field, you don't have to dread getting ready to take it all home. I Love it!

For more information and the great deal, please visit WalmartThank you.

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